Fat Letters Sent Home To Students Causes a Stink

by admin on February 27, 2013

  Fat Letters Sent Home To Students Causes a Stink

 What would you do if YOUR Kid received a “Fat” Letter?

Fat Letters Sent home to Students

What if your Boss sent a “Fat Letter” home to your Spouse?  Is this a Good idea or a bad one?

Give us your thoughts…

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by admin on November 26, 2012

Samir Becic has written a cool article for Health and Fitness Magazine called 12 WAYS TO GET FIT AND STAY FIT – VERY Cool if you are looking to lose a few extra pounds before the Holiday…

Read the Article by Samir Becic HERE:

12 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Maintaining a regular exercise routine doesn’t have to be boring, time-consuming or inconvenient. In fact, living a healthy lifestyle is quite simple. By bringing together thousands of people in the community, the Health & Fitness Revolution (HFR) aims to change the way people think about health and fitness, incorporating proper exercise and nutrition practices into the very fabric of family and society.  With this idea in mind, HFR is bringing you 12 easy fitness tips to integrate into your daily lives and routines.

1.  Use breathing exercises to help tighten those stomach muscles! Breathe in air as strong as you can and tuck your stomach at the same time as much as you can. Hold it for a few seconds and then slowly let it out but don’t let it out so fast that your belly flops out. Try to breathe like this whenever you think about it, about 50-60 times a day is ideal.

2.  Don’t push yourself too hard when you first start exercising or you may end up with injuries. Your bones, joints and ligaments have been in rest mode for a while and are not prepared for the force you are about to put on them. Build up slowly and steadily.  Healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint!

3.  Swimming is one of the best exercises for cardio fitness with low to no impact on your joints, which is great for people who have osteoporosis or joint problems. Keep moving continuously in the water for 20 minutes at a time, either swimming or jogging underwater.

4.  Dance, dance, dance! There is nothing like some good music to lift your energy levels and get you moving. Turn on your favorite songs and boogie away. Not only is this a great mood booster but you will also burn some calories.

5.  Don’t follow the crowd. Find an exercise routine that suits you personally and your lifestyle. If you love being outdoors try running rather than joining the gym where you will be shut indoors. You need to find something you enjoy to keep your motivation high – a lot of people find group classes and exercising in nature great alternatives.

6.  Listen to your body, if you are feeling particularly tired and your body tells you it has had enough, stop and take a break. If you continue to push yourself when you are exhausted, you will only end up with an injury or become ill, which will delay your progress in the long run.

7.  Find yourself an exercise buddy! This could be a friend who wants to keep in shape or a work colleague who wants someone to partner up with after work for a walk or jog. By joining someone else, you will feel responsible towards them and will be less likely to find an excuse not to exercise each day.  Another option is joining a company league in softball, basketball, tennis or running.

8.  What door? What stairs? Any door, any stairs! When you get to the grocery store, the hardware store, office or wherever you are going, let everybody else compete for the front parking spaces, while you park farther away. If you have to go up a couple of stories in a building, take the stairs, instead of an escalator or elevator. Every step in a day makes a positive contribution to your health. Get used to the back of the lot and the stairwell, and you’ll find yourself a lot closer to the front of the pack in terms of fitness.

9.  Vigorous workouts (when you’re breathing hard and sweating) help your heart pump stronger, give you more energy and help you look and feel best. Start with a warm-up that stretches your muscles. Include 20 minutes of aerobic activity, such as running, jogging or dancing. Follow up with activities that help make you stronger, such as push-ups or lifting weights. Then cool down with more stretching and deep breathing.

10.  Clip on a pedometer in the morning. The little gadget will keep track of how many steps you take that day — and subtly encourage you to take even more. Try to take 500 additional steps each week, aiming ultimately for as many as 10,000 steps a day. In case you’re curious, 1,000 steps equals a half mile.

11.  Stretch! It feels great! From when you wake up in the morning, to after work, this easy form of muscle exercise warms you up and makes you more flexible. If you continuously stretch each day, you will end up being really flexible and nimble. It keeps you running longer and gives you strength.

12.  Challenge yourself. If you do 10 push-ups as your maximum, try going for 12! Little challenges like this keep your body nice and fit and ensure you won’t get too comfortable at any level.


For more tips to living a fit, healthy lifestyle, follow Samir Becic on Twitter @SAMIRBECIC or on Facebook. Also, seeResyncfitness.com.

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